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New York WPH R48Pro - March 10th-13th, 2016




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Oh yes, we had a great time !

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Name: David_Fink_does_it_all.JPG, Views: 245, Size: 203.99 KB

Name: Hoop_2.JPG, Views: 246, Size: 124.60 KB

Name: Pretzel_1.JPG, Views: 242, Size: 151.80 KB

Name: Pretzel_2.JPG, Views: 242, Size: 128.03 KB

Name: Pretzel_3.JPG, Views: 242, Size: 117.23 KB

Name: Pretzel_4.JPG, Views: 240, Size: 131.74 KB

Name: Pretzel_5.JPG, Views: 237, Size: 191.18 KB

Name: Pretzel_6.JPG, Views: 235, Size: 125.29 KB

Name: Pretzel_and_Naty_stretch_out_5.JPG, Views: 233, Size: 314.45 KB

Name: Pretzel_and_The_Champ_4.JPG, Views: 214, Size: 279.62 KB

Name: Pretzel_and_the_Champs.JPG, Views: 231, Size: 165.94 KB

Name: Pretzel_and_the_Champs_3.JPG, Views: 225, Size: 827.17 KB

Name: Pretzel_and_the_Champs_6.JPG, Views: 220, Size: 159.80 KB

Name: Two_Great_Buds.JPG, Views: 209, Size: 360.42 KB

Baron Von Ronski


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C'mon Ron, at least two of those pics should have been labeled "Make a Wish."

The big bad world doesn't owe you a thing - get over it.

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Tell you what Bro,
Heh, she was stirring my manhood....lovely smile...rofl.

Baron Von Ronski

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I look like a total used car salesman in that pic!

Hey, DFink.  That picture is going up on Facebook within the hour.  Unless,...  you have a few dollars to throw our way??


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Sweet f*ck.

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